Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh San Diego, How I Love Thee

Here goes my small effort to catch the blog up to at least this year. About a month ago, we went on a spur of the moment vacation with some friends of ours, Todd and Tracy. So very awesome! For all the time I've spent in San Diego, I've never had so much fun. Then again, apparently I hadn't done very much there. We stayed in the Gaslamp Quarter, first good decision, and spent most of our time trying to do everything we had never done there before, second really great decision. We spent a ton of time at Balboa Park - The Zoo, The Museums, Rented a Surrey (four person surrey = 'could not stop laughing' experience in Balboa Park), etc., then we actually went to a nearby beach. Yes, a beach! We stopped by the concierge for some beach-locating assistance, the manager mentioned over her shoulder "Oh, just send them to Mission Bay or Coronado Beach." But after she walked away, the girl leaned over the counter and told us that both were nice but if we wanted a fun beach to head to Pacific Beach. Turned out to be a great area - hopefully, we can go back someday to spend more time there. It was a short trip but we had a ton of fun. I'll try to add some pictures later. Can't wait to go back - and I really hope we can convince my family to give it another go soon. It seems like we've been missing out on so much everytime we've gone. Forget SeaWorld and the Marina, seriously, the rest of San Diego has so much more 'awesomeness' to offer!

New Frontier

I've been putting this off. Where's the sense in it if you don't have kids to blog about? But apparently, I'm falling behind in the times. So fine, I'll blog - but I won't admit how much I like it.